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Written by: eatdrink Magazine Date: December 2016

Origin Aromatic Sparkling Wine  (LCBO # 470047, $17.95)
Sparkling wine in a can? Really?! Why not?

When I first heard about this I didn’t believe it. I had never heard of sparkling wine in a can, or indeed of any wine being packaged this way. Unbeknownst to me, a few wineries in the United States and one in British Columbia were already doing this.

Beer is sold in cans, so why not wine? I was interested but not convinced that this was a good idea so I visited Between The Lines winery in Niagara, where a sparkling wine called Origin was being made and packaged in a can.

Origin Aromatic Sparkling Wine is made from 100 percent vidal grapes. A small dosage of vidal ice wine is added, resulting is a sweet finish to this sparkling wine. Initially sold in four-can packs at the winery, it is now available at the LCBO in a gift box containing three 250 mL cans.

Sparkling wine goes flat if the bottle is not consumed within 24 hours, so these small cans are ideal when you just want one glass of bubbly.

Origin presents lemon citrus notes. It is sweet and loaded with acidity to balance. An exclusive gift for those hard to buy for wine drinkers. They will love the uniqueness.

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