Product Innovation

Genesis Wine Group was conceived to push industry boundaries (and buttons) by developing high concept—and high-end—wine products designed to surprise and reset the palates of oenophiles around the world.

Our debut wine, Origin, is Canada’s original sparkling wine in a can, and was developed in line with our company manifesto of blending the winemaking craft, global experience, and vision of our four founding members.

Genesis partners with like-minded winemakers ready to put their ideas to action, supporting new products and ventures with our experience and support in the following areas:

Business Plan Development
We work with our clients to apply solid economics and structuring to support smart sourcing strategies, product positioning strategies, and pricing models for new products to develop solid margins and reduce risk.

Production Methodology
We bring deep experience in old and new-world wine production, equipment, and sourcing strategies to

Product Design
With multi-line product development, product launch, and distribution chain experience, we have the expertise and partnership network to help you develop stand-out product and packaging design within your budget.