Winery Management & Purchase Consulting

While many wineries start with a dream and a passion for wine, a successful winery is a delicate and complex operation that draws on a unique blend of skills. 

Excellent winery management draws of the skills of a winemaker, an agriculturist, a marketing professional, and a business person:

  • Business plan development
  • Winery management strategy
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Growth and development plans and financial structuring
  • Land management
  • Retail strategy and guest experience design
  • Retail space development
  • Vendor/service sourcing
  • Staffing strategies

Winery Purchase Consulting
Any winery owner will tell you that the success of your venture relies on your choice of land and vines, and your winery plan. With extensive experience purchasing, planning, and opening our own successful Niagara-on-the-Lake winery and with many years spent training budding viticulturists, we’ve gleaned an enormous amount of regional and business insight.

Winemaking art may always contain an element of trial-and-error; however, our winery purchase and start-up consulting services are available to help you access key information that will ensure you make fewer mistakes. We can help you with:

Vineyard scouting
We can review and assess available properties to help you make an informed land purchase decision. This is particularly helpful for non-regional or foreign buyers, and can save thousands on travel costs—you’ll only need to travel if an available property meets your criteria.

Site analysis:
We provide insightful feasibility and risk evaluations based on your winery strategy as well as regional and property-based viticulture insights including recommendations on vines.

 Winery Development and Layout Planning:
Our team will partner on the development of your winery management plan including property and facility layout and production/operations design.

Winery Licence & Regulatory Consulting
commercial winemaking is carefully regulated and requires that winemakers have specific licences and retail plans that match a variety of regulations. The Genesis team is here to ensure you meet the specific criteria to secure the variety of licences you’ll need to open your doors and share your wines.

Winery Brand Development
As quality wines may only be produced in specific regions around the world, wineries are grouped and recognized by region and appellation, and then must compete in a crowded, highly-competitive localized market. That’s why your start-up winery brand is nearly as important as the quality of your wines. We provide experienced review and assessment of the local competition and can help you develop a competitive and differentiated winery brand to make sure you don’t get lost in the crush.

Winery Retail Consulting
Planning a signature retail strategy is critical to the success of your winemaking venture. We can help you plan the staffing requirements, staff training program, and develop a customer experience design